What's new in Bifröst? January 2023

Bifröst is constantly improving its product in line with customer feedback.

Bifröst is a SaaS in reinsurance, enabling all market participants (insurers, reinsurers and brokers) into working more efficiently by digitalizing the whole transaction process.

What's new in Bifröst?

Bifröst is constantly improving its product in line with customer feedback. Here are the latest features available on Bifröst.

Contract variables

Bifröst users can now use pre-defined and custom variables to automatically complete the reinsurance contract

Pre-defined variables

We have defined dozens of variables (shares, pices, EPI, structure details, etc.) that you can insert in your reinsurance contract. This way, if certain conditions change during the negotiation of your reinsurance placement, you will not have to manually modify these new values, it will happen automatically. In this way, you avoid the risk of forgetting to modify or incorrectly transcribe a value in your reinsurance contract.

Custom variables

We know that each contract and each reinsurance placement is specific and unique, so we allow users to create their own variables to insert in their reinsurance contracts.

Import clause preview

Bifröst users can now preview the content of the clause before importing it in the wording.


Brokers and cedents can now discuss directly on the platform, in addition to discussing with reinsurers. Also, Bifröst users can start internal conversations with their colleagues. This will allow the different users to concentrate the majority of their exchanges on the platform and thus to find more easily the source of discussion and comments.

Reinsurers' quotations

Reinsurers can now attach documents (pdf, word, excel, etc.) to their quotation. This will allow reinsurers to transmit their entire quotation directly via the platform and avoid sending a complementary email to the quotation entered in Bifröst. Thus, the ceding company and its broker can find all the documents sent by the reinsurers in the same place with always a single source of truth.

Many other product updates

  • Bifröst users are now notified (by e-mail and in Bifröst) of article changes or new messages.
  • The addresses of the treaty signatories (reinsurers and cedents) are now automatically added to the front page of the contracts generated by Bifröst.
  • Brokers and cedents can now add documents in the signature package for consultation only.
  • Bifröst users have now access to a better audit trail about articles changes with the date and the name of the user responsible of the change.
  • Bifröst users can now assign different roles for the e-signing via DocuSign : Approver and Signer.
  • Numerous interface and features improvements.
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