Enhanced reinsurance.

Bifröst improves reinsurance transaction processes through end-to-end digitalization
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Our Key Features

We co-constructed with experts from the reinsurance industry the below features to help cedents, brokers and reinsurers in their transaction and renewal processes.

You are in control, with the power of Digitalization

Our solution helps you work more efficiently, with a digitalized process and better decisions, leaving you in control.


Digitalized process

Secured “all-in-one place” platform, ensuring a single version of the truth
Collaborative workspace with access-right management
Reduced operational mistakes and time spent on administrative tasks

Data-based analysis

Reporting and data visualization tool, providing data to lead negotiations
Scenario making tool on the placement process (e.g. on allocation, price and subjectivities)
Reinsurance structure optimization before the deal
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Enhanced reinsurance.

Bifröst supports cedents, brokers and reinsurers in working more efficiently and focusing on value-added work.

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