Simple and accurate reinsurance.

Our SaaS platform allows cedents, brokers and reinsurers to easily and accuratly manage both placement and accounting operations.
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You are in control, with the power of Digitalization

Our solution helps you work more efficiently, with a digitalized process and better decisions, leaving you in control.


Bifröst Flow

Improve your operational efficiency.
Optimize recoverables and minimize claims leakage.
Empower your stakeholders and improve collaboration within your organization.
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Bifröst Placement

Reduce time spent on manual work for your teams and improve collaboration between stakeholders.
Minimize operational risk and human errors.
Manage the complexity of placement process: track versioning and changes of reinsurance contracts, integrate differentiated conditions.
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We collaborate with industry leaders

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We chose Bifröst to reduce all the repetitive manual work and operational mistakes. We are convinced that, thanks to Bifröst, we will be able to work more efficiently, focusing on bringing value to our clients and business partners.

- Jean-Patrick Simon, CEO of FSA Ré

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Simple and accurate
reinsurance management

Bifröst supports cedents, brokers and reinsurers in working more efficiently and focusing on value-added work.

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